XML Solutions for ITS:

    The world of electronic commerce, information exchange, communication and data processing is also moving towards XML-based transactions in ITS domain. We already developed XML data exchange platforms and implemented different XML projects based for the National Railways  and Road Public Transport Companies. Moreover, we are very proud that we have got in Munich (Germany) "the best XML award for an Intermodal Route Travel Planner based on XML data exchange" from OMG.
    The story in the ITS field already commenced some years ago with TRIDENT, OTAP, DATEX and DATEX II projects, where we were involved in the development since the beginning. Backed by the continuing efforts of the World Wide Web Consortium and gaining the support of various multi-national companies as well as heavy-weight industrial players, the XML technology has found its ways into more and more computer systems used by various industrial sectors. Understanding and acquainting yourself and your business early with XML would be beneficial so that your business would not be in a reactionary mode when other competitors, customers, suppliers and service partners have moved ahead with XML. EC-ITS recognizes that the development of XML technology is a beginning of a new phase of information processing and communication. Already, we are seeing a host of other down-stream technologies such as XSLT, XPath, XMI, XHTML, WAP based on MDA, and a list of others being developed and recommended for use by the W3 Consortium. Many other "ML"s (Markup Languages) devoted to the specifics of particular industries are also being developed to suit specific and individual needs. In fact, XML has even a built-in capability to cater to the creation of multitudes of specification of "ML"s to suit individual needs by businesses, companies, industries or even individual persons.
    We help you use XML, Internet technology and Wireless solution to create that difference and to gain that competitive edge over others.

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