Mobility Planning:

    In order to develop a strong view on sustainable mobility and organisation, and to translate these insights into practical implementation schemes, EC-ITS offers a wide range of studies regarding mobility planning. The contents of these studies are permanently adjusted according to the evolving requirements and user needs as well as to the evolving main issues in the field of traffic and mobility. Organization, design and implementation are the key factors in all multi-modal studies. In this context EC-ITS always reflects on socio-cultural processes within our studies.

General Mobility planning:

    - Overall mobility plans on municipal and regional level
    - Mobility management
    - Accessibility and location studies
    - Mobility impact studies and the mobility component within environmental impact studies
    - Company transport plans
    - Public transport schemes
    - Intermodal freight traffic on road, rail and waterways

Operational design studies

    - Parking studies and static or dynamic parking routing
    - Signposting and routing plans
    - Road infrastructure design schemes - sustainable development
    - Junction design
    - Design of public transport and multi-modal interchange nodes

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